Olympians Raisman and Lochte play fashion game quite well


Leotards and jammers are a (stretchy, body hugging) way of life for gymnast Aly Raisman, 18, and swimmer Ryan Lochte, 27. But when they’re not balancing on 4-inch wide beams, or flying down a lanes, they’re flipping for fashion. USA TODAY asks the Ralph Lauren models a few fashion forward questions.

Ryan Lochte
You’re a fashion guy; how does the Ralph Lauren uniform fit into your personalaesthetic? What personal flair would you add?

I think the uniform is nice the way it is, but maybe (I’d) bling up the belt! And add my green shoes! (Or change them to red white and blue!)

Which designers do you turn to in your everyday life when you want to look your best?

Ralph Lauren is the designer I like best. Modeling the Olympic wear for the RL campaign is an honor. I have always admired RL, and the fact that they chose me to model the Olympic wear and to represent the line is a great feeling.

You’ve made it clear that you’d like to build a fashion career. What do you plan to design? Have you sought out Ralph Lauren for any advice?

Men’s clothing with an edgy flair. And no, I haven’t, but I would love to get his opinion and sit down with him after the Olympics.

Many are touting you as the face of Team USA this year. How do you handle the pressure of fame? Is it what you thought it’d be?

I’m still the same person, but I just have a lot more responsibilities with more sponsorships… My main job is to focus on swimming, and I don’t feel pressure in the water. It’s what I do best.

You have a collection of diamond grills. Any chance you can convince Ralph Lauren to design one for you for 2016?

I don’t think a grill is in (the Ralph Lauren) accessory line-up, lol ! Yes, I am wearing one in London, and I wear them because they are different and fun. That’s my personality.