Ryan Lochte: The man who can beat Michael Phelps in London

Who is Ryan Lochte?

He’s the laid-back Floridian who likes to drag 535-pound boat chains and toss beer kegs over his head.

He’s the guy who has made swimming cool thanks to his affinity for style, the spotlight and just having a good time while swimming 72,000 meters a week.

He’s the one who would always finish second or third to Michael Phelps at the big meets when the American pair squared off against each other.

But in 2012, the 27-year-old Lochte is the person who has a legitimate shot at being a giant pain in Phelps’ derriere at the final Olympics of Phelps’ career.

When Phelps won a record eight gold medals at the Beijing Olympics, Lochte has made it his top priority to be the best swimmer in the world. He’s accomplished that goal, having ruled the pool at the 2010 Pan-Pacific Championships (six gold medals) and the 2009 (four) and 2011 (five) World Championships. As Phelps struggled with his times and his drive to show up for practice every day, Lochte took advantage of the situation. Read more […]