Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte all smiles until they face off

OMAHA – Michael Phelps said he didn’t want to call his rivalry with Ryan Lochte a clash of the titans, although just by bringing it up, he sort of did.

And why not call it that? The rivalry between them is the overriding theme of the U.S. Olympic swim trials that begin on Monday, and each one looked loose and relaxed talking about the other at back-to-back news conferences Saturday.

“He’s the world’s best swimmer — ever,” Lochte said of his rival.

Sure, but is Lochte the best now? He has had great success against Phelps in the last two years. “Honestly, I’ll have to let the swimming talk this next week,” Lochte said, with a wide smile.

“For me to be in the same era as him, and to be in the same events as him, and being able to race him until the finish, it’s awesome and I love it.”

Still, Lochte believes this is his time. “That’s just how my mind works,” he said, “I always feel like I can win everything.”

Phelps, for his part, allowed that Lochte “has destroyed me over the last couple of years at major meets.” But the way Phelps sees it, “it all goes back to what I’m here to do. I have goals that I want to achieve and if I achieve those and still get beat, it happens.” Read More […]