Cantor Fitzgerald Charity Day in Observance of 9/11

Ryan and fellow Olympian, Conor Dwyer paid tribute to those who fell victims to the tragedy of 9/11 by making their first stop in New York to the Cantor Fitzgerald Charity Day event. Cantor Fitzgerald is a bond trading firm that lost 658 employees on 9/11 at its World Trade Center office. No other employer lost more people. Cantor set up a special fund, The Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund, to provide ongoing financial assistance to the families of their lost, including spouses and children. Cantor donates 100% of its worldwide revenue for the day to help support charities around the world.

Ryan and Conor visited the two trading floors, where they met bond traders. They both had the opportunity to “close deals”! It was a great experience and they enjoyed learning the bond trading “lingo”!

Ryan and Conor were extremely honored to be a part of this special day and thank you David Paine and Jay Winuk for including them!
Please visit and make a pledge to perform a good deed in observance of 9/11.