The Making of an Olympic Sex Symbol

I want to thank the New York Times for a nice article. Unfortunately, however, they printed a quote from me that was taken completely out of context. I am more than honored and excited to wear the Ralph Lauren Olympic wear and never once did I tell the reporter that it stinks to have to wear it! I was very shocked to read that and so disappointed. What I said was that it stinks that I can’t wear my green rhinestone shoes because, of course, we have an Olympic uniform. I am excited about the Ralph Lauren line though and cannot wait to rock it!! Even my family will be wearing the line!!

I absolutely love the Ralph Lauren Olympic wear. It is disappointing when your quote is taking out of context, but it happens sometimes; however, I’m glad that I have a way, through my website, to communicate to my fans what my true intentions were. Thank you all for your support. I am looking forward to the next couple of months, and I hope you all love the Ralph Lauren Olympic wear as much as I do because it is HOT!!! Go USA!


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