Ryan vs Ryan

Hey Everyone,

Check out this cool article Wayne Drehs (@ESPNWD) did about me. Hope you guys enjoy it. JEAH!!

EL MONTE, CALIF. — Ryan Lochte doesn’t want to get in the water. It isn’t fatigue. Or laziness. He just would prefer not to feel like he’s being stabbed with 1,000 icicles. He was watching a few minutes earlier when other Olympic hopefuls dove into the 67-degree water of the community pool. He heard the screams. He saw the shakes. And he’d rather just go back inside than pose for some promotional pictures.

But he has no choice. This is how superstar Olympians get paid. For the past two years, Lochte has beaten Michael Phelps in every meet that’s mattered, and in doing so, he has at least temporarily taken over the title of the world’s greatest swimmer. The label has brought with it added fame and fortune but at the same time increased pressure and lofty expectations. And there is no escape. read more []