Ryan 1st place in prelim 400im with a time of 4:10:66

Lochte was in the final heat and smashed the field, finishing eight seconds ahead of everyone else.

“It was my first race and usually my first race I tend to just go for it because I usually feel good,” Lochte said afterward. “So I held back on the first half. It was a pretty solid swim for me. I know I have to be a lot faster than that [in the finals].”

Men’s 400m IM Finalists:

  1. Ryan Lochte — 4:10.66
  2. Michael Phelps — 4:14.72
  3. Chase Kalisz — 4:15.78 (lifetime best)
  4. Tyler Clary — 4:15.88
  5. Tyler Harris — 4:18.64
  6. Michael Weiss — 4:19.05 (lifetime best)
  7. Andrew Gemmell — 4:19.19
  8. Robert Margalis — 4:19.33