Men’s Health Magazine hit the stands today.  Here is the article about Ryan!

Men’s Health: Ryan Lochte’s Olympic quest

Some guys visit Florida to swim with dolphins. I’ve come to swim with Ryan Lochte. If you haven’t heard much about this man-porpoise hybrid, you will soon. Lochte was named FINA Swimmer of the Year after winning five gold medals at the 2011 World Championships. It was there that he finally and decisively emerged from the wake of his friend and rival Michael Phelps. Not only did Lochte, 27, vanquish the octo-golden boy in their head-to-head races, but Lochte’s winning time of 1:54.00 in the 200-meter individual medley was the first world record set since performance-enhancing suits were banned in 2009. “The World Championships were just an appetizer of what I’m capable of doing,” Lochte tells me. Read More […]